Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Playing Blog Catch up!

I am so glad these paper mache penguins turned out so cute because BOY were they hard to make!

It is so funny to look back at the pictures of the class making their paper mache penguins.  It looks so calm!   Let me tell you... I should have video taped this activity for you to experience the full effect of 22 kindergarteners with balloons, glue, liquid starch and newspaper! OH.MY.GOODNESS.  I may or may not have sworn to never paper mache again.  I had glue in my hair, on my shoes, clothes and we were slipping and sliding our way around the classroom for days!  It was a week long process from beginning to end but overall it was worth every crazy, messy second and I would do it all over again.  They were so excited with the final product and had the biggest smiles carrying them home.  I hope you have found a special place in your home to display the precious penguins!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Recess Fun!

If You Were A Penguin...

We've spent the past week and a half learning all about penguins.  I have to say, the kids have seemed to really enjoy this unit.  I have too!  We read a lot of non fiction during this unit and they love it!  One interesting fact we  read yesterday is that penguins have a layer of blubber that keeps them warm in the cold temperature and waters.  We decided today to test that out!  We laughed and laughed about the word "blubber" (Oh, kindergarten humor!).  Then we put on a "blubber glove" to test out the whole blubber thing.  We dipped our hand into a tub of icy cold water. I wish you could have seen their expressions when they realized that the blubber (a.k.a. shortening) kept their hand warm. 
Look at these photos and see for yourself...

Of course I couldn't just take their word for it.  I had to check it out for myself.
Guess what?!  It did keep my hand warm!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pumpkin Investigation Station

Happy Fall Y'all!

Can you believe that Fall is here?  Time is flying by and I have to admit that I am so ready for some cooler weather.  Don't get me wrong...after a good 3 weeks of cooler weather I will be ready for summer again!  I am a flip flop kinda girl after all. 

Sorry for the lack of blog posts.  Life has been busy.  Shuttling the kids to and from soccer, volleyball, cheerleading and clarinet lessons makes this mom tired and my blog posts have fallen by the wayside.  I promise to catch up soon and I will post a ton of classroom pics (better late than never). 

This week has been all about PUMPKINS!  We have become scientists and learned all there is to know.  I love that each year, I learn something new as well (by the way pumpkins float...WHO KNEW!?).  Enjoy the following pictures of these adorable kids and all of the pumpkin glory!